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Supporting Your PTSD Claim: The Importance of a Statement

Supporting Your PTSD Claim: The Importance of a Statement

Many veterans underestimate the significance of a well-crafted statement when filing a claim, especially for conditions like PTSD. Without supporting documentation, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Here’s a crucial step to ensure success in your PTSD claim:

Starting with the Basics:

The VA Form 21-0781 is the standard form for filing a PTSD claim. It requires essential information to establish the service-connected nature of your PTSD through a detailed timeline. Alongside personal details, the form asks for specifics about the incident, including:

  • Unit assignment during the event
  • Location of the incident
  • Description of the incident
  • Any awarded medals or citations
  • Details about individuals who may have lost their lives during the incident

Filling out this information is critical for consistency in your claim, especially when filing through platforms like eBenefits.

Personal Experience with a Statement:

In establishing a PTSD claim, it’s vital to highlight specific points related to your military service and the events leading to your mental health issues. For example, recounting personal experiences during significant events, like being stationed in a unit called to action during September 11th, 2001, can contribute to your claim.

If, like many veterans, your initial claim was denied due to lack of evidence, obtaining a medical diagnosis from a Board Certified Psychologist can significantly strengthen your case. Seeking support from Veteran Coaches can also enhance your understanding of the claims process.

In one individual’s case, utilizing VDC Bootcamps coaches, led to an increased PTSD rating from 0% to 50%. Ongoing efforts are being made to further increase the rating, emphasizing the importance of revisiting and reinforcing your claim.

Key Takeaway:

Including a Statement in Support of Claim provides the VA with a comprehensive understanding of your service experiences and the impact on your mental health. This document becomes a vital asset, giving you another opportunity to convey your story and potentially secure the compensation you deserve.

Norman Strohdach, The founder of VDC Bootcamp, A Army and Marine core veteran, emphasizes the value of a well-prepared statement in strengthening your claim. For further guidance, reach out to VDC for personalized assistance.

Contact Norman Strohdach at for additional support and insights.

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Frustrated With Your VA Rating? It’s Time To RUCK UP!

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