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About Us


We are a faith-based educational coaching group that helps disabled veterans scout their eligibility for an inital or increased rating to their VA disability claim.


Our Veterans Disability coaches will work closely with you to handle your case. We listen to you and pay close attention to what you’re going through. We take the time to explain your case to you, keep you updated at every step and make members of our team available to answer any of your questions. We understand just how confusing this filing process can be and do all we can to ease your mind. The professional help provided by our coaches is just what you need to make sense of this complex situation. 

If you are denied the first time you file for these disability benefits, don’t worry. We will help you with an appeal. While getting the compensation for your injuries can be a lengthy process, we are here to help you every step of the way.


The best way to figure out if you qualify for these disability benefits is by scheduling a free consultation with one of our Coaching Officers. To get started you will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire. Our team will be able to get the details of your injury and view any documentation you may have provided from other medical professionals either through the VA or private provider. By doing this, the coaches will be able to give you an idea of what type of compensation you may be qualified for, and most importantly, help you get started and ultimately approved.

See if you qualify with our NEW VA Calculator:  

About the Founder

The founder of veterans disability boot camp is Norman Strohdach, an army and marine core veteran. Norman served in the army and marine core through the 80s and 90s. Upon separating from service Norman became a businessman and started a few very successful commercial businesses. Around 2005 a gentleman purchased a house next door to Norman (who happened to be a retired command Sergeant major). The Sergeant major wants to asked appan noticing all the trips I was making to the hospital what does the VA say about your injuries. His response sorry major I don’t go to the VA I didn’t retire like you did so I’m not eligible. He looked at Norman bewildered Lee and said come with me later that afternoon the Sergeant major had brought Norman to the VA Medical Center administration offices filled out paperwork and by the end of the day became part of the VA health care system. About two weeks later the same Sergeant major took him to a VSO who filled out paperwork (and Norman just signed everywhere he was told to like a good soldier) and a month later he had a CMP exam. I answered he answered all the questions the examiner asked and a few months later received a letter saying that he was 20% service connected disability due to an injury he sustained while on active duty. At that time that was just icing on the cake for his commercial businesses we’re doing very well but the extra couple $100 a month made for a couple extra nice evenings out to dinner with the family. Hello

As the years went on Norman discovered many of the pains caused by injuries that he had sustained many years prior we’re getting worse and worse so much so that it affected his ability to work. Still not knowing much about VA compensation and benefits he followed the direction of a VSO (veteran service officer). After about three months of additional tests and exams he was increased to 40%. While this added a few $100 more to his award he was still suffering with much pain and now dealt with problems due to all the medications he was taken. Norman’s condition progressively got worse and worse and finally in 2018 Norman got serious about filing claims for injuries he sustained while on active duty it would at first seem a pretty simple straightforward process, much to the contrary however after filling out paperwork as directed again by another organization his claim for an increase an new condition was denied. One day while at a medical exam he spoke to another veteran about the problems he was facing and the veteran shared with him how he was able to increase his rating and file for a new claim even though it was some 30 years earlier. This veteran asked Norman what kind of Nexus letters did he have. I looked at the veteran once again bewildered said what is a Nexus letter an what does that have to do with my disability? The veteran explained to Norman how critically important annexus letter was to establishing a service connection especially when medical evidence may have been lacking. Norman was thinking to himself well my medical evidence should shouldn’t be lacking since I spent two weeks in the hospital while on active duty and was going to be medically discharged, so he naturally assumed his medical evidence was sufficient. But he also realized that it warranted further investigation. One specific benefit that Norman had during this process is he had already started a new company called enterprise medical solutions. Fortunately, through the networks of physicians administrators Anne deeper knowledge of the medical industry this afforded Norman a great opportunity to work closely with civilian doctors and the VA. In fact enterprise medical solutions was formed together with a medical doctor. This doctor also owned a Tele medicine company, this just seemed like a perfect match up for what was needed to assist me in my claim. It was a pawn it was about this time when Norman was getting increasingly more and more frustrated with the entire process he was already denied twice and now had to submit they submit a review. Also while doing the work required for his own claim Norman encountered a dozen or more veterans who also were suffering the same frustrations and anxieties with filing claims all of which were had claims that were denied or they once had a higher rating it was reduced just a plethora of issues that resulted in the veterans just giving up on the claims process. At that point Norman decided that this could be a business with great potential, yes it would make good money, but most importantly it would help veterans such as the ones he was already dealing with navigate the complex series a protocol that’s required when filing a VA claim. While Norman to his own admission would say that he’s very good add starting companies and having a grand overview lovely successful company he knows that he must have highly qualified partners and support system around him. Through God’s will this is when he met his co-founder dog Morrison. Dog was also a combat veteran, and more importantly had a great insight to administrative an operational functions. Together with doctor Khan and the telemedicine platform an enterprise medical solutions the new company bdc boot camp took its form. It is important to note that vdc boot camp is a faith based company for profit, but with a strong emphasis on assisting veterans in every which way we can. Now when we say faith based the founders R judeo Christian, or other partner is Muslim. So for anyone reading this now we want to dispel any belief or notion that we are biased in any way especially to race creed color religion or gender identity. We are all veterans and medical professionals looking to help other veterans.

It took a couple of years from the start of norman’s claim before he decided to make a business out of helping veterans. Norman is now 100% total and disabled service connected veteran with multiple claims having been denied higher level reviews being denied and finally supplemental claim being approved. There is no question that this would not have been achieved had it not been for the incredible partnerships and connections that were established through all these years. Norman and Doug personally know the exhaustive nature of dealing with the VA and how frustrating it can be. We are here to help we are here to assist our company Moto model comes from the holy Bible Ezra 10/4 “to rise up (rock up) take courage and be strong we are here to assist”.



VDC Bootcamp will be moving to a non-profit organization. More exciting news coming soon!